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We are a dev/design shop dedicated to building Mobile Apps, Websites, Ecommerce, and other tech platforms.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

We single code base apps using Facebook's React Native and Google's Flutter frameworks. This reduces the time and cost to build cross-platform apps by 50% or more, without sacrificing speed or quality.

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React Native and Flutter to create iOS and Android Apps


We are dedicated to supporting all of the major ECommerce platforms. We love Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and can build custom carts for your web or mobile platform

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We support WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify as well as custom carts built using Stripe, Paypal, BitCoin, and Rebilling Systems
Websites and APIs
*We provide accessibility audits for your site to ensure you are ADA compliant.

Websites and APIs

Web design? UI/UX? Web development? Custom Platforms? You name it and we do it. We build our websites focusing on what is most important — the connection between your users and your brand.

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We create high performance tech platforms for companies big and small.

UI/UX & Graphic Design

UI/UX & Graphic Design

Everyone is a designer right? Kind of. We’ve got the expertise to get the design done right. With our experience and talents the design cannot go wrong. We can make custom illustrations, cartoons, animations, icons, and more! We’re ready to give you what you never knew you wanted.

UI/UX & Graphic Design

Our Process

Phase 1. Project Setup

Gather the deets

Phase 2. Prototype

Wireframess & Mockups

Phase 3. Beta

Move fast and break stuff

Phase 4. QA

Fix all that broken stuff

Phase 5. Go

Ready for lift off!

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